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81% of consumers said they need to trust the brand to buy.


Strong brands command +20% increase in price premium


Strong Branding outperforms competitors by 20%

1Branding / Re-branding

Our branding agency develops a unique and memorable brand identity that deeply resonates with your target audience.

2WebSite Design & Development

Our web designers and web developers create a beautiful and responsive website that accurately represents your brand.

3campaign Management

Our marketing experts create a robust marketing strategy across organic (SEO) & paid (PPC & SEM) for maximum conversions.


Jaclyn Graves
Google Reviews

“I am new to the online sales and marketing field. I knew that I was over my head and needed help with connecting my online business to the wholesaler that I was working with. My team has stepped up and created a beautiful webpage and social network page on Etsy. Ana, Michael, Kara, and Jenni are very attentive to my opinions. You can’t go wrong with the Polaris team!”

transform your brand’s digital strategy

At Polaris, we’re not just another digital agency. We are your strategic partners in harnessing the power of branding & marketing, the key ingredients in driving brand awareness and success. With a profound understanding of your brand’s identity and story, we go beyond conventional branding strategies so your business forges a lasting legacy.

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Our Projects

Brands and Websites Expertly Transformed by Polaris

Phone Stitched

Interiors and Home Furnishings

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Jeweler E-Commerce Website

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Jewelry E-commerce Website

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Stylists and Beauty

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Our Projects

Brands and Websites Expertly Transformed by Polaris


Interiors and Home Furnishings


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Jeweler E-Commerce Website


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Jewelry E-commerce Website


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Stylists and Beauty

Phone Stitched

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Why Choose Polaris as your branding agency?

We are your one-stop shop for all your branding needs. Our expert digital consultants help redefine your brand strategy, design and develop your website to ensure brand cohesion, and execute marketing campaigns that drive brand awareness and achieve long-lasting digital success.

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With Polaris, elevate your brand’s identity, amplify its online presence, and execute powerful, result-driven campaigns, unlocking unparalleled digital growth and visibility..

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Branding, web design, web development, & campaign management all-in-one. Don’t waste your time managing multiple digital agencies when you can work seamlessly with us.

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With years of experience, we have a track-record of driving digital success. Our digital marketing consultants have your back, while our data backs us up.

Explore the World of Marketing With Our Blog:

Dive into the dynamic realm of digital marketing and brand strategy with our blog, ‘Insights in Motion.’ Discover actionable tips and industry trends around branding, SEO, web design, web development, and more!

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What Our Clients Love About Polaris

Thank you Polaris Marketing & Consulting for overhauling our website and logo. We have seen a significant increase in business since we hired you guys as our consultants. All of your services has been very professional and efficient. Thank you very much!!

aeps logo polaris marketing review
American Executive Private Security

Love love love this Company! Everyone is so nice and professional. They helped me at every stage of my business so far and isn’t shy when it comes to connecting your with the right people/ companies that you need for your business to grow. 10/10 I would recommend Polaris to any business who doesn’t know where to start and has started and just needs some guidance.

stitched logo polaris marketing review

would highly recommend Jenni and her crew! She has a great energy and really puts her passion and energy in to helping your brand go to the next level! 🤩. I love the way that she does not have a one size fits all approach and really listens to what you want and also helps to push you in to places you maybe have not thought of going 🚀

Dan Meyers Designs

Jenni is a marketing genius. She has been an instrumental helping our brand grow into a major brand. I highly recommend polaris marketing and consulting.
2023 08 12

Riaz Surti

Truly the best marketing team I ever met & worked with!. They went above & beyond to satisfy my needs & Created a website that I didn’t even dream about! Jenni is very talented, can bring a lot of ideas on the table & make the experience very smooth! ANYONE WHO NEEDS A NEW WEBSITE – GO TO JENNI!

murad polaris marketing review

The Polaris team made me an excellent website, precisely the way I wanted it- they had a ton of creative ideas that I ended up loving. They executed the project before I even expected it! I’m so glad I worked with them – they were transparent with expectations and timelines and deliverables. I will refer a lot of business to them for sure! Thank you Ana, Michael and Jenni, for your superior work on my website.

Solar J.

Polaris Marketing and Consulting has gone above and beyond to help my company. They’ve been amazing and surpassed every expectation we’ve possibly imagined. The entire team has been knowledgeable and caring about designing our website from scratch to even improving our logo. We’ve been blessed to have Polaris Marketing guide my business through every issue, workaround, details, and ultimately ensuring we’re in the best position moving forward. Thankful for the patience and expertise throughout and looking forward to continuing doing business with Polaris.

Ruben E.

Polaris deserves 10 out of 5 stars. I own a small skincare brand. Trying to stand out in such a saturated industry felt like a war so I reached out to several marketing agencies to help with my online marketing & ad strategy. Most of these so-called “marketing agencies” talk big things and deliver nothing after taking your money – at least that’s been my unfortunate experience. Not Polaris. This is a solid team that will do what’s right for you, help you grow and provide resources. Jenni is excellent at being the glue between you and other folks in the right network, who can help your business succeed. This sharp lady understands your needs quickly and takes action. If you need a competent and trustworthy marketing agency, I highly recommend Polaris.

kimkris logo polaris marketing review
Christina K.

The Polaris team did a wonderful job in putting together a website designed to showcase my Video Editing work. I live in Sherman Oaks/Los Angeles area and work primarily in LA’s entertainment industry. I keep getting compliments on the website they created from peers and former employers and could not be happier with the final product. It is sleek and user friendly. They made the process so easy and were great at addressing and implementing changes immediately. Jenni and Ana have been a great team and excellent at providing creative solutions to challenges that came up while in the process of completing the website. They were attentive to any questions or comments I relayed. And they make sure you as the client are well taken care of. They are both knowledgeable and are happy to walk you through any parts of the process that you may be unfamiliar with so you feel confident in the work being done in the time it takes to complete it. It has been such a relief to find a team that is passionate about making an excellent product while also making sure that their clients are equally as pleased with the process, from start to finish! I cannot recommend Polaris enough for your marketing needs.

Magnolia R
Magnolia R.
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